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Buyer # Down Payment Primary Interest
Years in industry, financially capable of buying immediately.
5006708$100000West Denver
Financial background. Looking for small business on western side of Denver.
5006819$350000Healthcare/Staffing/Metal Industry
Equity group partner relocating from the east coast. Very experienced buyer.
5006835$600000Mountain area business
European buyer currently in Florida seeks stable business in Colorado Rocky Mountians
5006839$1000000High Tech/ Telecom
Year in industry with extremely strong Fortune 500 network. Wishes to utilitize it.
5006841$250000Hardware Store in Texas
Banker wants to slow down and move back to Texas for quality of life issues.
5006827$200000Auto Repair
Owns one shop that can run itself. Wishes to expand and has the finances to do so.
5006921100,000Auto Repair
The current owner of several gas stations and auto repair facilities in the Denver area is seeking acquisitions for growth. Knows the industry well and makes quick decisions on whether to purchase or pass.
4001150,000Drycleaner in Denver Metro
R Capital1,000,000 +Small banks, financial services
Public corporation seeks small bank acquisition and financial services companies.
V Ventures$1,000,000 - $2,000,000Distribution, Light Manufacturing, Service
Highly motivated, sophisticated buyer with the resources to complete a transaction. Would prefer sales of target companies to be between $5 million and $25 million.
Lumber company1,000,000 +Companies related to the lumber industry
Specialty lumber company with over 15 operating sites in the U.S. seeks companies which involve raw lumber (i.e. fencing companies, treatment companies, etc.).
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